On the name
Let our musik call admiration
Of people representing other
Nationalities and present them the
Best impression about Ukrainians.
Let our musik glorify Ukraine!
Oriana - Trio of bandura players

On the name

Legends about an awesome land Oriana or Oratania have come to us from the ancient times. This land existed five thousand years B.C. on the territory of modern Ukraine.

"Oriana" means "the land of ploughmen". The Golden Plough was an emblem of this country and soon it became an emblem of the skyphians.

The most powerful Oriana was during the era of so-called "Sun Faith", which was the basis to the famous trypil culture (V – II thousand years B.C.). Orians were the first ploughmen of the world. They were the first ever to ride a horse; they invented a plough and a wheel.

6 thousand 5 hundred years ago our ancestors came between the rivers Tiger and Tephrat on the horses and chariots, they brought wheat, plough and their faith. The archeologists found the ancient carts, which were made 5500 years ago on the territory of Oriana. In the remains of old clay houses grains, cereals, peels of eggs were found.

At the end of the 3d Century B.C., when people of the Earth were using bronze, people from Oriana were using iron parts of plough and iron axe.

The bread making was the basic work for the inhabitants of Oriana and during the 1st Century B.C. it became so popular that almost the whole ancient world was eating bread from Oriana.

Our ancestors took their knowledge on crafts to China, India, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Northern Italy, to the Balkan Peninsula, Western Europe.

This country couldn’t be forgotten because we are the descendants of that ancient nation which lived on the territory of Ukrainian Rus’.

We have combined in our souls all the features of our nation and chose the symbolic name "Oriana" for our ensemble.

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