Quartet Oriana returned from France
Let our musik call admiration
Of people representing other
Nationalities and present them the
Best impression about Ukrainians.
Let our musik glorify Ukraine!
Oriana - Trio of bandura players

Quartet Oriana returned from France

19 august 2003

One and a half months Oriana quartet toured around France and after numerous concerts given to French audience they returned home. At first, they were giving concerts in Clermont Ferrand, the central part of the country, also in the nearby cities. It was a real pleasure to perform before French audience. Notwithstanding the Ukrainian language was completely unfamiliar to French audience the concerts turned to be a great success and raised interest. The performances took place in the ancient churches. Some of the churches were built thousand years ago and as the artistes confessed, it had been very touching to give concerts in such sacred places. In the central part of France, they gave a concert in the village of Sarran during the festival of folklore held under patronage of the president of France Jack Chirac. They also performed on the festivals of folklore in

Comprehensive concert tour around France allowed them also to familiarise the French audience of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts with the Ukrainian tunes.
At the same time, they also were rather happy to get to know this wonderful country as well as its nature and history. At their spare time they visited the tops of sleeping volcanoes in the central array. They also swam in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and sensed all of the grandeur of the Atlantic Ocean with its fluxes and refluxes. The kayaks tour down the Ardeche River flowing on the bottom of the incredibly beautiful canyon had become an unforgettable adventure for them.

The cities of Arles and Aigues - Mortes on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea took them back to the epoch of the Roman Empire and Middle Ages. Great atmosphere during the concerts, unforgettable French landscapes, and ancient cities made unforgettable impression and will call back over and over again. The special thanks must be expressed to Josette Blanchet for having organized this concert tour!

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