The ensemble history
Let our musik call admiration
Of people representing other
Nationalities and present them the
Best impression about Ukrainians.
Let our musik glorify Ukraine!
Oriana - Trio of bandura players

The ensemble history

All-female bandurist trio Oriana is a young professional group, members of which graduated from the higher educational establishments of Ukraine.

So, Nataliya Hotsyk  is a Ternopil V. Hnatyuk Pedagogical University graduate (music faculty)   

Iryna Hubiak is a Lviv Music Academy graduate M.Lysenko (bandura classes)

Yuliya Rudnytska is a Kharkiv National University of the Arts I.Kotljarevski (bandura classes)

The group has already existed for 15 years and during the time of its artistic career is known as one of the best music groups of the city of Ternopil having popularity among Ukrainian bandurists and audience. The ensemble is well-known and welcome guest abroad where it repeatedly represented our country at high-level concerts.

The ensemble Oriana is the laureate of the All-Ukrainian Contest-Festival of Bandura Art that took place in Kyiv in 2003. In March 2005 the trio became the winner of the region contest Kobza. Before this it won at city musical contests. The composition Ballad About Ukrainian Song by Neonila Ivanonkiv, the member and the composer of the group, was recognized as the best one at the contest of composers of Ternopil region Voice of Heart that was devoted to the 10th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine.
Many concert tours abroad certify the high reputation of the ensemble. The group took part in the Festival of Ukrainian and Polish Cultures that was held in Lublin in 2002 and in the Radom-Oronsko Festival of Organic and Chamber Music(2003,2007,2008). The group also played in the world-famous monasteries of Poland. The trio performed concerts together with the Great Theatre of Warsaw soloists in 2003 and played with Ryszard Rynkowski, the best Polish artiste of 2003 in Yaroslav. The trio was appreciated at concerts in the city of New Sonch, where it was invited by the Fund of ancient culture lovers Nomina Rosae. In general more than 140 Polish tours during 7 year certify that the ensemble is very popular in this country.
Bandurist trio Oriana did 2 tours in France which lasted for 1 and a half month and gave many concerts including some at the international folk festivals in Gannat and Ambert, as well as at the festival which was held under patronage of The President of France in the city of Saran and at the Festival of chamber music in the city of Menat.

In 2005 the group visited Sweden. Listeners in Vetlanda, Tranas and on the island of Oland were charmed by the melodies of Ukrainian land performed by the trio Oriana.

Repertoire of the trio includes different Ukrainian composers’ works and folk songs.

The new feature of the bandurists programme is performance of the compositions by world-known composers Leontovych, Kaccini, Doga, Schubert, Vivaldi, which sounds on bandura in unique way. The members of the group look for new interesting compositions to extend their repertoire. Most of compositions sound in musical transformation made by bandurists themselves.

Bohdan Rudnytskyy, the producer of the group, is the "senior" of the Association of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Students Obnova and the trio Oriana has friendly relationships with this organization. That’s why our duty is to organize actions to help Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv patriarchy in faith formation and church development in Ukraine. We also give charity concerts for orphans and inferior people.
Bandurist trio Oriana and Bohdan Rudnytskyy, the producer of the group thank you, dear guest for visiting our Internet page. We hope that this visit has become one more step for perception of the world of Ukrainian music for you. Best regards.

See you at our concerts!

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