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Of people representing other
Nationalities and present them the
Best impression about Ukrainians.
Let our musik glorify Ukraine!



"Oriana" in Katovitse, Poland

The concert trip of trio Oriana lasted in Katovitse, Poland from October, 15 to October, 18, 2009. Our trio was invited on the International Festival of Young Laureates of Musical Competitions as guests and gave two concerts. The first concert took place in the beautifully decorated age-old concert hall of mining museum in Zabzhe on the 15th of October.

In October, 16 we had the second one in the hall of concert studio of Polish radio in Katovitse. Orianas studio record was made during this concert.

The journey was really successful. The audience was pleased and the bandura - players too, because they seriously rehearsed for these concerts. As a result the organizers invited trio Oriana on chamber music festival in Vygelzhovi in August next year.

On the 17th of October, Oriana also gave one concert for disabled people in one of the guardian's department of Karitas in Katovitse. And in October, 18 was the last concert in Catholic Church of St. Names of Jesus and Maria at the same town.

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"Oriana" in Katovitse, Poland

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