Let our musik call admiration
Of people representing other
Nationalities and present them the
Best impression about Ukrainians.
Let our musik glorify Ukraine!



Festival "Ukrainian Spring 2009"

“Ukrainian Spring” festival lasted from 18th to 24th May in Poznan’, Poland. The festival took place under patronage of Ministry of culture and tourism of Ukraine. It was organized by public-cultural society “Poland - Ukraine”.

The most popular people of Ukrainian culture and art were represented there. The festival organizers invited well – known group “Tartak”, orchestra “Kievan soloists”, Honored dance ensemble of Ukraine “Youth”, carver Vjyatsheslav Boretskiy, respectable literati and political scientists. Polish culture was also presented on the festival. The leader of polish rock music, group “Lao Che” was invited.

At the last day of the festival, it was May, 24, trio bandura – players “Oriana” showed their program on the stage which was set on an area of Old Market in the centre of the city. That day “Oriana” twice appeared on the stage and presented a lot of folk and author’s songs.

Not only the audience was generous for applauses but also the festival organizers were pleased of Oriana’s performance. Consul of Ukraine in Poznan Lukash Gorovs’kiy personally expressed gratitude to our bandura - players for wonderful concert.

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06 11 2009

"Oriana" in Katovitse, Poland

24 06 2009

One Saturday upon Sanna

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