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Let our musik call admiration
Of people representing other
Nationalities and present them the
Best impression about Ukrainians.
Let our musik glorify Ukraine!


 17.08.2005  The first big international tour of "Oriana"
The international concert tour of Oriana trio commenced and first lasted since August 7th till August 14th in Sweden. After the concerts given in suburbs of Warsaw the trio set off for Sweden full of pleasant expectations. Three concerts that took a place on mainland of the country as well as on ...

 08.06.2005  Performance at the wickerwork festival in Rudnik nad Sianem, Poland
In the small Polish township of Rudnik nad Sianem, is the traditional place for the wickerwork festivals. The entire city was decorated with the bigger and smaller wickerwork sculptures. At the exhibition of works by the local artist there could be found various objects for interior decorating as...

 16.03.2005  A concert in the "Sokil" Polish Cultural Centre, in Nowy Socz, Poland
Nomina Rosae, the society of the ancient culture fans, invited Oriana again to Nowy Socz. This time the concert took a place in one of the best concert halls of the Sokil Polish Cultural Centre. While in Nowy Socz they stayed at the mineral water resort of Krinica city and visited the exhibiti...

 10.03.2005  The first prise in the competition
Oriana took the first prise in the first regional festival, the competition between kobza-players, dedicated to the anniversary of the Ukrainian poet T. G. Shevchenko that took place in our hometown Ternopil. The performance by Oriana was highly appreciated by the jury of the competition. It was ...

 29.10.2004  Oriana performed upon invitation of the society of the fans of ancient culture in the city of Nowy Socz in Poland
November 26th the Oriana trio performed with the concert in ‘Gothic House’ in Nowy Socz, Poland, by “Nomina Rosae” the society of the fans of ancient culture. They were delighted to play bandura, an extraordinary musical instrument that survived ages until the present days...

 25.08.2004  Completion of the second tour on France
The second concert tour of the Oriana bandura-players on France came to the end. Same as in the last year, the Oriana were giving concerts throughout the country during one and a half months. Oriana performed on the great folklore festival in the town of Gannat as the guests, and on the festival...

 16.02.2004  Joint Performance of the trio of Oriana bandura-players and Richard Rinkovski
On February 14th the Saint Valentine festive concert took place in Jaroslaw city in Poland. On that planned concert organised for the known singer Riszard Rynkovski (the best singer of Poland of the year 2003.) the trio of Oriana banduraplayers played as guests. After the concert during dinner, ...

 20.08.2003  Quartet Oriana returned from France
One and a half months Oriana quartet toured around France and after numerous concerts given to French audience they returned home. At first, they were giving concerts in Clermont Ferrand, the central part of the country, also in the nearby cities. It was a real pleasure to perform before French a...

 10.07.2003  Oriana performed on the festival of organ and chamber music in Poland
Since July 1st to July 6th of 2003 the Oriana quartet performed on the Radom Oronski International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music. The sixteenth traditional festival was one of the most important events in the cultural life of Poland. During summer and autumn there were concerts held throu...

 08.05.2003  Joint concert of "Oriana" and the artists of the Great Theatre of Warsaw
The joint concert of the Oriana quartet of bandura-players and the artists of the Great Theatre of Warsaw in May the 4th was devoted to the holiday of The Mother of God and The Divine Queen of Poland on May 3rd. In front of the entrance to the majestic church of The Virgin and The Victress in W...

 28.05.2002  Oriana received the first invitations to perform abroad!
In April Oriana received the first invitations to perform abroad. In May together with the new participant of the trio Maria Melnychyn they performed on the concert in the university concert hall called "Chatka Zaka (Khatka Zhaka)" at the Marija-Kirie Sklodovska University at the festival of Ukra...

 03.09.2001  Oriana won the competition
The regional competition Holos Sertsia (Voice of Heart) devoted to the 10th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine took place in Ternopil. The winner of the competition was the song Balada Pro Ukrayinsku Pisniu (The Tale about the Ukrainian Song) composed by Neonila Ivanonkiv. Neonila was con...

 03.05.2001  Trio "Oriana" congratulated Liubov Izotova
The anniversary concert of the Honoured Artist of Ukraine Liubov Izotova took place in May. Liubov Izotova as the teacher of singing was congratulated by the trio with the 25th anniversary of her artistic career. Oriana performed on the concert and complimented Liubov Izotova with the song Dolia...

 27.03.2001  Joint performance of the trio Oriana and string quintet dedicated to the World Day of Theatre
The festive concerts dedicated the World Day of Theatre took place in the Ternopil T. H. Shevchenko Academic Regional Drama Theatre. The trio of banduraplayers Oriana also participated in the concerts. Oriana trio was accompanied by the string quintet of Drama Theatre led by Y. P. Kornitskogo.

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"Oriana" in Katovitse, Poland

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