Let our musik call admiration
Of people representing other
Nationalities and present them the
Best impression about Ukrainians.
Let our musik glorify Ukraine!


 23.09.2008  Genoa heard bandura for the first time. The Oriana trio gave a performance on Notte of Bianca
From September 10th to September 21st of 2008 Oriana trio went to Italy with their concert programme. The Department of Culture within the City Administration of Genoa invited the trio Oriana for participating in the Notte of Bianca (White night) entertainment that was held between September 13th...

 22.09.2008  Oriana in Milan
September 18th 2008 in Milan a ceremony dedicated to the Independence of Ukraine and organized by the General Consulate of Ukraine in Italy was held in Sheraton Diana Majestic Hotel. The trio of bandura-players of Oriana performed before the overseas visitors as well as before the representatives...

 15.07.2008  Dreams come true. Radom – Oronski festival 2008
Already for the third time the Oriana trio of bandura-players was invited to participate in the Radom – Oronski festival of organ and chamber music. This time it was even a bigger pleasure to set off to Poland. Eight concerts during ten days in different locations of the country put Oriana into s...

 04.04.2008  Oriana on Ternopil television
In spring the local TV channel, Channel 4, invited the Oriana trio to take part in recording the festive Easter concert. Thanks to collaboration if Oriana and the Channel 4, there was made a video to the song "Kvitka Kokhannia” (Flower of Love).

 15.01.2008  The second visits to the central church in Kielce
Oriana enjoyed performing for the second time in Cathedral Basilica of Assumption of the Holy Virgin of Kielce. Warm attitude of the bishop of the cathedral also his good impression of Oriana’s performance during their first arrival assisted to the next concert Oriana of in the cathedral.

 28.08.2007  Oriana in Radom Cathedral
On August 26th the Oriana trio performed in the cathedral of Guardianship of the Holy Virgin in Radom town in Poland.

 08.08.2007  The second invitation to the Radom – Oronski Festival of Organ and Chamber Music
The Oriana trio performed again on the Radom – Oronski Festival of Organ and Chamber Music. Six concerts were given in the various cities of Poland. The trio performed with the renewed program that was specially set by the artistes for the festival. They played two concerts together with Thomas T...

 12.06.2007  Oriana visited the princely city of Plock with its concerts
In the ancient princely town of Plock on high and steep banks of Wisla River there is an ancient majestic temple of The Assumption of The Holy Virgin built a few ages ago. The Oriana trio of bandura-players performed in this historical beautiful temple on June 10th. For the second times this year...

 15.01.2007  The Oriana trio returned from the festival of carols that took place in Poland
January 13th Oriana together with the known Polish band Gorce and many choirs from other countries participated in the 7th Euroregional festival of carols, Soli Deo Gloria, that took place in the town of Krosno in Poland. ‘Going to the festival we heard the report on our appearance at the festiv...

 23.10.2006  Oriana gave a concert in the castle of Krasiczyn in Poland
Yesterday our trio gave a concert to the delegation of international businessmen in the ancient castle of Krasiczyn. The castle of Krasiczyn as well as many other Polish castles has been restored and taken good care and it does credit to Polish people. Many concerts, scientific and business confe...

 15.10.2006  "Oriana" performed on the festival of the Protection of the Virgin
October 14th the Oriana trio performed after Solemn Service at the cathedral of Innocent Conception of the Virgin the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in Ternopil. The concert on the day of Innocent Conception of the Virgin was dedicated to all of the Ukrainians who in different times defended the...

 15.09.2006  Recording of the album of Christmas carols in INIGO Studio in Krakow, Poland
In September Oriana finished recording the new CD “Kolyady Dvokh Narodiv” (Two Culture Carols) commenced in spring. While giving concerts in Poland it became evident that Ukrainians and Poles are not well acquainted with each other’s ethnic culture. Therefore, for presenting to both Ukrainians an...

 27.04.2006  The second festival of kobza-players in Ternopil
Yesterday the second nationwide festival and competition of kobza-players was held in Ternopil named “Sribni Struny” (Silver strings) and dedicated to Zynoviy Shtokalko. Many young bandura-players arrived here from various Ukrainian cities. Some of the acknowledged masters of bandura were invited...

 16.02.2006  Saint Valentine’s Day in Kielce
February 13th the Oriana performed in the house of culture of Staszow city in Poland. After the concert we and all of the audience had a chance to visit the exhibition of the artworks presented this evening. The next day during celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day, the lover’s day, Oriana as the...

 25.10.2005  Oriana performed in the main church of Kielce in Poland
October 23rd the Oriana trio performed in Cathedral Basilica of The Assumption of the Holy Virgin in the city of Kielce. Since it was Sunday many parishioners of the temple had a chance to see and hear Oriana. To play in such a beautiful and majestic church was a great honour for all of Oriana.

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"Oriana" in Katovitse, Poland

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