What is bandura

Let our musik call admiration
Of people representing other
Nationalities and present them the
Best impression about Ukrainians.
Let our musik glorify Ukraine!


From our ancestors we have got a great musical instrument "bandura". Long time ago, during the middle ages there were blind old singers cobzars walking along Ukraine. They all were playing the cobza or bandura, and with the help of this instrument earned for living. The news that a cobzar came into the village rushed around and all the people went to listen to the Wiseman. Touching the magic strings and saying interesting verses the cobzar was retelling the events taking place in our country; in his songs he was admiring and glorifying the heroes of the native land, made the people cry or smile. Ukrainian Cossacks also played bandura. When Cossacks soul was crying or missing the native land and loving a woman, bandura was crying with him. But when having forgotten about his hardships and sorrows the Cossack started to play a joyful dance, everyone around would start dancing. Modern academic bandura is an instrument, which has gone through a long way of development. Its technical abilities nowadays allow inclusion into its repertoire both folk and classical songs. Modern bandura has more than 60 strings; each of them has a magnificent sound. They are referred to as "silver strings of Ukraine". Bandura belongs to the most unique instruments of folk art. Our ensemble of bandura players "Oriana" is happy to be able to demonstrate you the abilities of this instrument.

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"Oriana" in Katovitse, Poland

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One Saturday upon Sanna

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